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Academy Biznet of Colorado meets every Tuesday without fail at 0700 in the Marriott Hotel at the Denver Tech Center just north of Belleview on Syracuse. Look for us in the coffee shop just to the south of the lobby. It is open to graduates of all the service academies including Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. The schedule, roster and other information is posted on the web site (

The purpose of the BizNet is to support the personal and professional goals of graduates of all the Service Academies through networking, job assistance, advice, and contacts. Members include active duty, personnel in transition to civilian life, and professionals in business fields such as engineering, finance, manufacturing, software, sales and marketing, real estate, telecommunications, energy, aviation, and many other areas.

The meeting format is flexible, casual, and supportive where each attendee is provided the opportunity to introduce themselves and give a little of their background. Normally, a member or guest speaker will provide a half-hour discussion on a topic of interest to the group. In addition, a key focus is the dissemination of leads, job opportunities, networking events, and contacts throughout the membership.

For details, contact Dave Jackson (303-881-4685)